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Le vitrail en lumière 

(French only)

Architects, designers, craftsmen and artists are reviving the art of stained glass inherited from the Middle Ages. These traditional centerpieces of churches and other public buildings, highly coveted in Quebec at the beginning of the last century, are once again being incorporated into homes where they bring more radiance to everyday life.

Conseil du Patrimoine Religieux du Québec 

(French & English) 
Foundation dedicated to the conservation of Québec's religious heritage.

Octavio ebeniste Inc. 

(French only)

Woodworking workshop specialized in special restoration projects. 

Marcheurs d'etoiles alt.jpg

Marcheurs d'Étoiles 

(French only) 

A documentary on the rebuilding of Lac Mégantic following the environmental accident that decimated much of the town. It features the church restoration undertaken by Studio du Verre.

ID Verre 

(French & English) 
Very interesting site entirely dedicated to the diverse aspects of glass.


(French & English) 
Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals where Jeff Scheckman Owner of the Studio is an accredited member.

Yehouda Chaki & Studio du Verre 

(French & English)
This piece, by Yehouda Chaki in association with Studio du Verre, can be found at the University of Concordia.  

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