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Telephone: 514-842-3968

Toll free: 1-800-794-2201


welcome to studio du verre

Studio du Verre is all about stained glass. 

We are located in the heart of Old Montreal, and we are proud to be the

restoration experts on many Montreal landmarks,

such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the

Oratoire St. Joseph.


Studio du Verre

515, rue Bonsecours

Montréal, Quebec H2Y 3C6

Telephone: (514) 842-3968 
Toll free: 1(800) 794-2201 


Preserving your historical windows

One of Canada`s oldest cities, Montreal has a large inventory of historic homes and as clients restore their windows into energy-efficient ones, they wonder how to preserve their beautiful detailed stained glass windows.


Our master artisans are experts at retrofitting older stained glass into new thermal and energy efficient panels which are then sealed professionally into their new window units.


Restoring priceless historical windows

Churches, synagogues, and mosques throughout Canada have chosen Studio du Verre to convey their spiritual message through art. The recent restoration of the Lac Megantic Church windows is a perfect example of our work.  With close to 100 separate panels to review and restore, it has been a wonderful challenge for us. 


Here we see SDV co-owner Jeff and glass wizard Maggie discussing next steps for one of the larger glass pieces. It was quite a privilege for us to restore windows that date back almost 170 years.  

Ali at Studio7_edited.jpg
Lac Mégantic5.jpg


Entry Level: Production Apprentice

Full time, Monday to Friday

Experience required: used to manual work


The perfect apprentice for us is meticulous, enjoys physical work and building things with their hands and is a fast learner. Working in a stained glass studio is both exciting and earthy, we are looking for someone that can get their hands dirty!


As a production apprentice, you will be exposed to our masters and get the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this heritage craft. Our work environment is dynamic and we also operate a glass and supplies store from our iconic Old Montreal location.


We will teach you how to apply the finishing steps to stained glass windows to make sure the end result reflects the high standards of quality we are known for in the industry. 


Over time, you can get the opportunity to widen your skillset with us and learn other techniques and parts of the process with our experts. Working on your own personal projects here on your own time is encouraged, as it is a good way to improve quickly while benefiting from our masters' supervision.


If this is you, please apply by contacting Garth at

Professional: Studio Artisan

Full time, Monday to Friday

Experience required: at least 2 years as a full time professional stained glass artist working with lead came


Our Studio Masters are looking for someone that can assist them with everything related to building large stained glass projects. You must have solid previous experience with cutting, fitting and leading windows and be able to adapt easily to the various styles of pieces we work on. We are looking for someone with initiative that is detail-oriented.


We want you to be looking forward to keep evolving and learning with our team of experts while being able to work on your own with minimal attention from them when necessary.  


Our work environment is dynamic and friendly, as we also operate a glass and supplies store from our iconic Old Montreal location. You will work on various large historical projects and contribute to the Studio du Verre legacy!


If this is you, please apply by sending your resume and a small portfolio of previous work to Garth at

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