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Studio du Verre's stained glass school offers a great selection of classes

for novice and advanced students, available in groups or individually.


2 Saturdays or 4 Wednesday nights

$179 + taxes - all materials included

12 hours - 2 Saturdays from 10am to 4:30pm

Next class: TBA



12 hours - 4 Wednesday evening sessions from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Next class:  TBA

In this course you will make a stained glass panel (about 8" by 10") while mastering the art of cutting glass, soldering techniques and finishing patinas. Each student will receive 3 free hours workshop space to work independently. All tools are provided. 

Prerequisite: NONE!

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239 $ plus taxes - all material extra

8 Alternate Saturdays from 10am to 1pm - 24 hours
Next class: TBA

Create your own lamp, window panel or 3D object in this intermediate class.  In a group with other glass enthusiasts, you create a winter masterpiece.  The very capable Linda Phoenix will be your guide.
Pre-requisite : Know how to cut glass and have completed Copperfoil I class or equivalent, and be equipped to work from home. Bring yourown tools (except grinder).   For students making Worden Tiffany's be advised that forms and patterns are very hard to obtain. Order them from us or elsewhere at least 2 weeks before the class begins.

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129 $ + taxes - all materials included 

Saturday from 10am to 5pm

Next class: TBA

Make a leaded panel using one of our ready to assemble bevel packages. No previous stained glass experience needed. Emphasis will be put on leading techniques, soldering, puttying and final cleaning. Lead came is considered the professional technique and is the method most accepted by architects.

Prerequisite: NONE!

LEAD CAME II - New format - with Ali

​229 $ + taxes - glass painting material included - all other material extra

5 Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

Next class: TBA


Build a challenging lead came window over 5 weeks. Students will add a painting on glass element to their panel. Don't miss this opportunity to learn under one of the top stained glass artists in Montreal. 

Prerequisite: Cutting glass, having completed Copper Foil I and/or Lead Came I

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$119  - All materials included

Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Next class : TBA

Fusion is the technique of melting glass together in a glass kiln. In this beginner’s class, students will make a tasteful flat glass tile that can hang in a window or be displayed in a stand, approximately 6" by 6" in size. Various cut glass elements will be added, along with glass noodles, stringers, and glass frit.  With leftover material, students will create spontaneous glass jewelry in order to demonstrate the versatility of this medium.  Questions on the subject of kilns and kiln controls will be answered.


$149 - all materials included

6 hours  - Sat. 11:00 am -3:00 pm / Sunday 11:00 am -1:00 pm

Next weekend class: TBA

Glass slumping is when art glass is placed over a glass mold and placed in a kiln. When the temperature is hot enough, the glass will soften and then 'slump' into the mold. Choosing from a variety of molds - bowls, square dishes, sushi dishware etc - students will design their project.  After adding cut glass choices, glass frit, and stringer embellishments, students will prep the piece for a flat firing. Day 1 ends with pieces being placed in the kiln for firing overnight. On Day 2, students excitedly remove creations from the kiln.  There follows a discussion of how and why the glass fired as it did.  Day 2 ends with glass pieces being placed on their respective molds and set in the kiln for the final slumping firing. Finished pieces can be picked up at our studios the following week or be sent by parcel post for those students who have come some distance for this class.

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MOSAICS - with Ali

$99 + taxes - All material included except for the glue 

5 hours - Saturday from 11 to 4pm 
Next class: TBA

What a great use for those nice little scraps you've been saving! 
Create a mosaic masterpiece in a day! Glass on wood or glass on glass. As well, Ali will lead a discussion of glass on concrete for exterior applications such as patio stones. 


​229 $ + taxes - glass painting material included - all other material extra

5 Saturdays from 11am to 2pm 
Next class:

In this new painting class, students will choose from a variety of designs and proceed to cut the glass. Each piece of glass is to be painted and fired in the first 4 weeks. In week 5, students will lead up the painted window, making a lovely piece that will be truly unique. Materials, stained glass, paints, lead etc are all included. 

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